Michael Bender attorney

Michael stopped homeschool and began public school in 5 th grade, and within his first few weeks he began learning about what things are really worth fighting for.

On the playground in late August, Patrick and Jimmy were trading Pokémon cards during recess, when two larger boys approached. The boys taunted them for their hobby, ripped the cards out of their hands, and threw them in the air. When Michael saw, he ran over to help Patrick and Jimmy pick them up before the wind took them. When Michael told the teacher what happened, the bullies lied, saying that Patrick and Jimmy had dropped the cards, and that the “new kid” was just trying to make trouble. The teacher believed the lie.

Within a couple weeks, Pokémon cards became a new fad, and the same bullies returned, but this time to steal them. One ripped the cards from Jimmy’s hands again, and despite being much smaller, Michael punched him in the stomach and started a scrap. Even when the cards fell on the ground, Michael kept fighting until a teacher broke it up, because he felt like they still owed something, like they had taken more than just his friend’s cards.

The school suspended Michael for fighting, but his father refused to punish him further, because he believed sticking up for people was right. Since then, Michael has learned to resolve problems using his words, rather than his fists, but he’s kept his father’s lesson. “Always stick up for people, because Justice shouldn’t be about how big someone is are or how well they lie. And bullies never give back dignity, so when you stick up for people, you make the world better."

Michael obtained his Bachelor’s degree in English Writing from Boise State University, with minors in Marketing, Business Management, and a credit equivalent in English Education. He discovered his talent for writing while at BSU, winning numerous awards in genres spanning from poetry to to academic authorship. However, since high school he knew he wanted to use his passion to help others, and when Penn State Law offered him a full scholarship, his dreams became a reality. He currently attends Penn State Law, and works as a Law Clerk for The Fang Law Firm, side by side with others who share his sense of duty.