Many of us are fortunate enough never to experience loss at a young age, but Nicole was not so fortunate.  Having lost her mother to Leukemia at age 6, Nicole had to learn many of life’s lessons on her own, making her a stronger and more worldly individual.  Before her passing, Nicole’s mother Rosemary instilled in her children the importance of civic duty – that a person should care for their community and make it a better place to live.  Nicole carries this lesson with her to this day and applies the lesson to her work at The Fang Law Firm.  Nicole represents members of our community against large corporations and insurance companies many of whom are not based in Colorado, but simply do business here.   Nicole believes that making the community a safer place makes the community a better place.  Nicole is a world traveler who is fluent in French.

Nicole is a native of Bozeman, Montana.  Growing up in “Big Sky” country, Nicole enjoys the outdoors, nature, animals, and a simpler way of life.  Nicole graduated manga cum laude from Montana State University with a dual degree in French and English Literature.  After college, Nicole spent several years teaching English and living in Tokyo, Japan.  Upon her return to the States, Nicole’s interest gravitated to the law.  Nicole graduated from the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law at Arizona State University where she was a founding member of the International Law Society, and student volunteer in the Civil Litigation Clinic where she helped hundreds of individuals who were victimized by predatory lenders.  During her third year of law school, Nicole studied abroad at L’Universite Paris Descartes.

Nicole has a wide range of experience in the law that she brings to the service of her clients.  She has litigated disability cases on behalf on individuals all over the country, has represented injured individuals and workers in injury lawsuits against insurance companies, and has served as District Attorney for the Fourth Judicial District prosecuting cases of assault, human trafficking, and animal abuse and neglect. Nicole is a passionate advocate and analytic attorney.  To speak with Nicole about your case, call The Fang Law Firm today.