Susan Chadderdon

On Susan’s first day of middle school in 6th grade she saw an older larger boy beating up a young new 6th grade boy. Instead of helping, Susan scurried past down the hall and ran home  To this day, Susan is still haunted and bothered because she did nothing to help that young boy. This experience caused Susan to vow always to fight for people who need help or assistance, and shaped many of her future decisions in life. Growing up in Colorado Springs, Susan’s family dinner conversations often revolved around the importance of compassion, strength, truthfulness and the order of law. Susan’s father was an attorney who so valued our American judicial system that he often would become tearful discussing the founding fathers and our Constitution. Not surprisingly, those formative years lead Susan to a passion for justice and the law, and she continues to advocate and fight for people on a daily basis.

Susan attended college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, graduating cum laude, and Phi Beta Kappa. Susan then attended California Western School of Law on scholarship where she worked for three years at the non-profit Employee Rights Center concentrating on employment and immigration claims for clients who could not afford to hire an attorney. 

After law school Susan worked in personal injury then moved to the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office where she remained for close to five years. Susan spent the majority of her time as a District Attorney in the Special Victims Unit working homicide, adult sexual assault, child sexual assault, and serious child abuse cases. The Fourth Judicial District is known for doing more criminal trials than any office in the state, and for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016 Susan did more trials than any other attorney in the office. Susan is a skilled and aggressive litigator who loves spending time in court. Today, with the Fang Law Firm, Susan is continuing her commitment to advocating and fighting for justice, fairness, and people who need assistance.