If you’re considering hiring a personal injury lawyer, after being injured, you are absolutely on the right path. 

Personal injury attorneys are the professionals who help people get a fair verdict in cases in which physical or mental injury was caused to them.

But you may be surprised to know that even the most reputable personal injury attorneys turn down cases in some instances, and this could be due to the following reasons:

If You Appear To Be At Fault:

Before an attorney actually commits to helping you, they will require you to tell them complete details of the incident, including your role in it. Lying in any way when telling them what happened, can cause an attorney to deny your case.

Additionally, if a lawyer sees some of the actions in the accident are clearly your fault, such as driving in the wrong lane or obviously breaking any law in any other way, they may refuse to take your case. 

If The Injuries Are Not Too Severe:

If the injuries that a potential client faces in a personal injury case are not severe, they may not offer any significant economic advantage to the victim.

In this scenario, attorneys will likely not take your case, as they will want to focus their time on cases that have a potentially higher monetary ruling for their client.

If you sustain a minor injury and contact an personal injury attorney, they may turn down your case for this reason. 

If You Have Talked To Other Attorneys:

If an attorney hears you using legal terms that would be difficult to know on your own, they may guess that you are under the guidance of another injury lawyer in the area.

In this instance, they may not accept your case. 

If You Demand Some Unreasonable Verdict:

It doesn’t matter if an attorney is the most experienced injury lawyer in the area or if they are working for a very reputed law firm, no attorney cannot promise an exact return. If they notice you are stuck on achieving a particular dollar amount, they may not accept your case.

If The Economic Reality Is Not Good:

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means you pay to them only after they have delivered successful rulings. 

To make this work for them, they must analyze your case, to see if they think it is possible to win. This includes all their time spent with you, time researching and time in court, just to name a few. If they determine that this time will not be worth the outcome, they may deny your case.

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