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Motorcycle accidents are incredibly serious. More than 80 percent of these accidents result in serious injuries, and the statistics might get worse instead of better. More people are turning to motorcycles to save on gas money, which means there could be more motorcycle accidents in the near future. If you are a loved one gets injured in an accident, contact a Boulder motorcycle accident attorney for help. It doesn’t matter if your preferred mode of transportation is a bulky Harley or a small scooter. The Fang Law Firm has experience representing a vast assortment of cases and can help you, as well. Our motorcycle accident attorneys know how to work with insurance companies and more and will protect your best interests at all times.

Here are some tips to follow when selecting an attorney to represent you or a loved one.

Ignore the TV Ads

Lots of attorneys advertise on television. Some of the attorneys are excellent, while others leave something to be desired. Since it’s such a mixture, don’t rely on TV ads when selecting a Boulder motorcycle accident attorney. Instead, do some research. Ask for recommendations and check online reviews. Create a list of possibilities, and then contact each one for a short interview. This will help you find the best attorney for your specific case.

Act Quickly

There is a statute of limitations in place for filing an accident claim. If you fail to act quickly enough, even the best Boulder motorcycle accident attorney won’t be able to help. Contact an attorney while the accident is still fresh. That will help your attorney prepare the case, and it will also ensure you don’t miss the filing deadline. Then, your attorney will have time to prepare and submit the case to the courts.

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Discuss the Potential Settlement with an Attorney

The insurer might want to settle your case quickly before it goes to court. You might be tempted to take the settlement and move on, but talk to your attorney first. Your attorney will make sure that the settlement is in your best interest. He or she will want to make sure that the settlement money will completely cover your injuries. That might mean waiting a bit until doctors are aware of the full extent of your injuries.

Choose an Attorney Who Will Fight for You

Some attorneys like to churn out settlements, while others stand up and fight for their clients. Choose an attorney who will be willing to go to trial if necessary. In many cases, a trial is not necessary, but the attorney should be ready in case it is. Don’t go with someone who is only willing to settle. You need a fighter in your corner.

Select an Attorney Who Will Follow the Case Through to the End

When you hire a Boulder motorcycle accident attorney, you want to work with the same person from beginning to end. You don’t want to be handed off to office staff. You want to know you’re a priority, so keep that in mind when selecting an attorney. Go with someone who will update you on the case and follow it through to its conclusion. That might mean settling your case or taking it to court.

You might feel alone after you get in a motorcycle accident, but that isn’t necessary. A lawyer will fight for you as you try to get the compensation you deserve. Contact a lawyer immediately after the accident, so he or she can begin gathering evidence to use for your case. With the help of a lawyer, you can be made whole again after the accident.