Causes of Boulder Bike Accidents

Bicycle accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but typically, the motorist is at fault. Unfortunately, even though the motorist is at fault, the cyclist is typically the one who suffers through the injuries. 

Common causes of bike accidents include:

  • Failure to yield
  • Careless driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Running stop signs

While these are common causes of accidents, bicycle accidents don’t always involve motor vehicles. A cyclist might crash into a building or a curb because a bike was poorly designed. If that’s the case, the manufacturer might be at fault. Your attorney will examine the evidence and determine if a claim should be made against the manufacturer. 

A cyclist can also collide with a pedestrian. If the pedestrian walked in front of the cyclist and caused the collision, he or she could be at fault. Again, your attorney might submit a case against the pedestrian. 

In addition, some cyclists get in accidents because the road was in bad shape. This could be a government agency’s fault. If that’s the case, your attorney might choose to sue the government agency on your behalf.