Overall an awesome firm, never flaked on me and ultimately gave me a smile on my face when the results came in. I was mostly impressed with the professionalism and overall clarity when it came down to it. The the icing on the cake was the communication and how friendly and connected everyone at the firm was to me; the fact that they kept checking on me and asked questions I was more than happy to comply with. I will recommend this firm to anyone; friends, family and even strangers. I will be more than happy to have them by my side if anything.
Fang Law Firm did wonders with my long shot case. They got a great negotiation and held my hand through the whole process. They came highly recommended by someone who had a current car accident case with them. I had a worker's comp case where my rights had been violated. They were able to explain in layman terms what happened, what we needed, and how to move through the case until it was settled. They made me feel my voice mattered. Thank you Fang Law Firm!
Working with Fang Law Firm was probably the best thing I could have ever done with the circumstances of my car accident from early 2017. It was stress free, getting the updates as frequently as they came and was seen/helped by some of the best spine/neck doctors. Fang Law Firm is the absolute best, and I would highly recommend seeing/talking with them if you ever find yourself in these unfortunate circumstances of any incident. Hands down amazing! I couldn’t thank them enough for all they have done for me!
Fang Law Firm took a look at my case and my wife’s cases after another lawyer mistreated them. They were extremely through with their review and took immediate action to fire the under qualified lawyer and get things set straight. They kept me updated throughout the entire process. They listened to my concerns and always responded. I would recommend them for any representation.
I went to Fang Law Firm after a car accident I was in that resulted in injury. They came to my work to meet with me, as I'd already missed work due to the accident. They were easy to get ahold of and always kept me in the loop. When they contacted the other drivers insurance they told me what about to expect them to come back at and it was the exact number they countered. Once they got everything settled I had my settlement check within 2 weeks. I would recommend Fang Law Firm in the future if anyone needed a personal injury lawyer.
I was injured in a car accident last year, and I wanted an attorney to represent me. I found the Fang Law Firm online and after meeting with them I decided to retain their services. The initial meeting left my wife and I with a feeling that they were genuine people, who cared about their clients. From the day they began to represent me until my settlement was finalized, he remained engaged in my situation and did not allow the other driver's insurance company to push me around. I highly recommend The Fang Law Firm.
Fang Law Firm recently represented me in a personal injury case that affected all members of my immediate family. From the day I met them, it was crystal clear to me that they cared about me and my family, and I never doubted their resolve in working on our behalf from day one. They took a personal interest in my case, and in my family, and checked on us frequently throughout the process; even if just to say hello and make sure our family was doing well. I've been represented by many attorneys in the past, and I know how hard it can be to get face time or phone time with an attorney; but Fang Law Firm is the exception to the rule. They respond quickly, run a modern, tech savvy firm, and were always up to date on the particulars of my case. I never felt for a second that I was anything but their first priority, and the final financial compensation from my case was much higher than I had anticipated. I cannot recommend them higher. If you need a smart, caring attorney that gets results, Fang Law Firm should be your choice.
The team at Fang Law Firm have been superb. They were willing to answer all of my questions about legal issues, told me what areas they could be of assistance and helped with several legal matters. Their timeliness, support, and thoroughness is unmatched! Thanks Fang Law Firm!
Fang Law Firm made an awful experience less so with their help and guidance to obtain some recompense for the awful injury I suffered while visiting a restaurant in Steamboat Springs. Their expertise in law is extensive, and they work very quickly. Most of all, they truly care and are compassionate with their clients. They changed the way I will see lawyers forever. Thank you Fang Law Firm!
Everyone at the Fang Law Firm have been an absolute godsend through all of my legal needs after being the victim in an auto/pedestrian accident. They were constantly there whenever I needed them: they guided me in finding the right care and financial help, they never hesitated to answer any of my questions, and were always supportive, understanding, and kind. I've already referred friends and family to them who were all just as equally happy with their representation. I highly, highly recommend Fang Law Firm to everyone.